Content Marketing Department
  • location icon Bangkok
  • time icon Full-Time
  • position icon 1 Position


  • Work Experience and Education
    • 1 Year Experience in Digital Marketing or Content Writing Field
    • Studied or has taken a program about SEO fundamentals
  • Technical Skill
    • On-Page SEO
      • Experienced writing Blog Content
      • Experienced using Keyword Research Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest or related tools
      • Experienced in creating SEO Topic
      • Experienced optimizing SEO Titles, Descriptions, H-Tags, and Body
      • Experienced using WordPress and SEO Plugins such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
      • Experienced publishing backlink content
    • Technical SEO
      • Experienced using GTmetrix, Google Page Speed or related technical SEO tools
    • Monitoring and Reporting
      • Experienced using Google Search Console
      • Experienced using 3rd Party SEO Tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, or related tools in the features of
        Overview Website Score, Rank Tracking, Top Page Report
      • Experienced using Google Analytics, Looker Studio (Data Studio), or Power BI
      • Experienced creating own dashboard to track results
    • Hard Skill
      • Experienced using Google Docs or Microsoft Word Online
      • Experienced using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint Online
      • Experienced using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Online
  • Soft Skill
    • Strong communication skills
    • Strong presentation skills
    • Strong research skills, especially searching on Google
    • Strong logic and mathematical skills


As SEO Tactician, you will be responsible for implementing and managing the agency’s SEO strategies for clients. This includes conducting keyword research, optimizing content, and building high-quality backlinks. You will also be responsible for monitoring and analyzing website traffic and search engine rankings to inform and optimize SEO strategies. You will work closely with the agency’s website design and development teams, and creative graphic and content teams to ensure that all website updates are SEO-friendly and engaging to users. Additionally, you will be responsible for reporting on the progress and effectiveness of SEO strategies to clients.



  • Research and Group Keyword based on Search Intent and Google SERP. Suggest the optimal Keyword Group along Search Volume, SEO Difficulty Score, Current Rank and Expected KPI.

  • Do the Brand and Competitor analysis to get main On-Page Content, Off-Page Publisher and Website Health Score. Propose the example of a blog topic and referring domain that align with target keywords.

  • Manage the communication between internal, external and client. Setup analytical tracking, implement SEO site structure to launch the SEO campaign. Proofread the content and optimize monthly on-page and off-page blog. Continuously suggest referring domain and publish the content in order to achieve the

  • Create KPI tracking sheet to monitor the project's health. Create a digital report for client and supervisor to find action items.

  • Communicate with Client in day to day basis, Extract the client concerns and request and answer back with solutions

  • Create Digital Report (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually) and Prepare the Recommendation for Supervisor to present to clients

  • Research Backlink Website, coordinate and optimize content published to get paid backlink.

  • Research websites that do SEO on a monthly basis based on the industry of existing clients. Contact and orientate those websites that want to join our Exchange Backlink Group.

  • Create keyword groups and content topics on the monthly basis that will strengthen the current focus keyword for internal project and clients

  • Execute new ways on On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO Optimization. Help SEO Strategist to develop SEO Service.

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