Get advertisements for the website. TOP SEARCH ON GOOGLE EN

Attract target audiences to click ads and close sales more easily through SEM and Cotactic.

What kind of business is it suitable for SEM?


such as bill of exchange, personal loan, car loan, etc.


such as house projects, land, condos, etc


such as car brands, car showrooms, car tents, etc.


Other businesses that want to promote their products and services through Search Engine Marketing

4 reasons why “business owners” choose COTACTIC’s


Because we are not just an agency that only accepts SEM, but we are ready to give advice. Solve common problems and recommend the best tactics for the duration of the campaign.

Look for KEYWORD profitable

Because we have expertise in choosing Keywords taking into account Search Volume, Competition Volume. and purpose To create targeted conversion campaigns

Strategize BIDDING at the lowest price

We specialize in bidding on keyword clicks (Bidding) for top impressions on Google SEM, which will help you save on advertising costs.

Design LANDING PAGE to close the sale

Because we design landing pages for SEM especially to help increase sales for your products.

DIGITAL MARKETING expertise in these channels over 6 years

With Facebook Lead Ads, Instagram Lead Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, you can double your business opportunities. in the digital market

It's time to grow your business through advertising on GOOGLE and SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketig is advertising through the search engine to get the website to the top of Google, which is a form of advertising of Google Ads.
Suitable for businesses that want to increase sales or make their business more known on Google through the website. By choosing a search term or Keyword that the target audience often use to find products. which, if adjusting the SEM campaign effectively will be able to grow the business in the field of the number of visitors to the website, increasing the chances of generating sales and increase brand awareness quickly

Choose Service SEM how better?

You can only have one web page.

Usually a website has quite a lot of information. Until perhaps confusing people who clicked in, but doing SEM does not require a website with a lot of information. Which is solved by creating a landing page and having a clear call to action, it will help to make Google SEM more effective

Top GOOGLE don't have to wait long

Search Engine Marketing is the payment to Google to get our website listed first by selecting relevant keywords. Set an appropriate budget if the keywords we choose are frequently searched for. Including expert bidding, the website will not be difficult to rank above the competitors.

Increase the balance TRAFFIC go to website

Because of the SEM ad placement on each search Will appear at the top of Google noticed from the word Ad · which the ad on the top. As a result, the target audience can easily see the website. increase click rate and the number of website visitors or as we call it Traffic quickly

Measure KEYWORD to do SEO

Keyword screening that generates profits from Google SEM can be used to formulate SEO strategies to get the website ranked in the long run, such as doing SEM by using the words “hand sanitizer” versus “hand sanitizer, price”. that hand sanitizer might have clicked a lot But the word hand sanitizer has a better price to close the sale, so it’s more suitable for SEO.

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