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Create business opportunities above competitors and increase sustainable sales with SEO and Cotactic website optimization services

What kind of business is SEO suitable for?


automotive business

such as car manufacturers, car dealers, accessories or decorations, spare parts etc.

business education

such as educational agencies, tutoring institutions, short-term business courses, etc.

consumer goods

such as food, snacks, drinking water, used items within the household, etc.

other business

Other businesses that want to promote their products and services through SEO

4 reasons why “business owners” choose  COTACTIC’s



Because we work like a customer’s personal Digital Marketing In-house team. Consulting on SEO on both On-Page and Off-page to make your website on the first page.

increase the number TRAFFIC quality

Because we have expertise in SEO services, starting from evaluating websites, choosing keywords that attract quality target groups to increase sales from organic traffic.

focus on content

Because we do SEO and produce blog content that is ranked by Google, but the important thing is that there is content that is relevant to the interests and useful to the target audience.


Because we transform customer websites to be ready to compete in the digital market. with a long-term growth strategy


With Facebook Lead Ads, Instagram Lead Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, you can double your business opportunities. in the digital market

Build your brand above the competition by doing SEO

If you are looking for an online marketing method that can build your brand. or business website to grow sustainably in the future, SEO is the answer
SEO is a strategy to optimize your website with various techniques. In order for your business website to appear at the top of Google’s search results, your business can continually acquire new customers. without paying for advertising
Moreover, doing SEO also creates a competitive advantage for the business. Of course, having a website on the top of Google means being popular with the majority of its target audience and being more reliable than a website that ranks lower.

How to choose a better SEO service?

Build brand awareness

SEO is the restructuring and content of the website to rank on the first page of Google, which increases the chances of website visibility through Search Engine, helping to build brand awareness for the brand in the long run.

Reduce your advertising budget in the long run

Doing SEO for the website as a channel to find new customers without having to pay for advertising from doing SEM or Google Adwords, resulting in the website can increase the number of website visitors sustainably. increase the opportunity to close the sale while reducing long-term marketing costs

increase the opportunity to compete in the business

Did you know that 95% of clicks on Google are from websites that are in the top 5 of search results? If a website can rank in Google’s search results, it means it has a competitive advantage. and reaching more customers

Promote the brand 24 hours a day

Once a brand is able to successfully get a website on the first page of Google, Search Engine becomes a free website promotion area for 24 hours a day, and it also looks trustworthy. This is because the first website often conveys the content that is in demand and is popular with the target audience.

our customers

you want to find a team


that takes care of your business Like a personal assistant or not?

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