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Oct 25, 2023

What is Digital Marketing Services? How Agency Can Help You

Marketing Services

Welcome to Cotactic’s comprehensive guide to digital marketing services! In this article, we’ll explore the diverse solutions provided by Cotactic Media, a leading digital marketing agency headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Whether you’re looking to build your brand, make meaningful connections with your target audience, or increase sales, Cotactic has you covered. Let’s dive into digital marketing and discover how Cotactic can help your business thrive.



Digital marketing services refer to the range of services provided by digital marketing agencies to promote and connect brands with target customers through various digital channels. These channels include search engines, email, paid advertising, and social media. Digital marketing services aim to increase brand visibility, engagement, and sales online.


Digital marketing services help businesses build their brand by developing a strong online presence. This includes creating a brand identity, creating a website, and optimizing it for search engines. By building a strong brand, businesses can increase their visibility, attract more customers, and generate more sales.


Digital marketing services help businesses connect with their target audience by creating engaging content. Businesses can use social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing to build trust and loyalty with their audience, which can lead to increased brand awareness, more leads, and higher sales.


Digital marketing services help businesses grow by driving traffic to their website and converting visitors into customers. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and e-commerce marketing. By growing sales, businesses can expand their customer base and increase revenue.




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Cotactic Media offers SEO services to help businesses improve their search engine rankings, including optimizing website content, building backlinks to their website, and conducting keyword research. Improving search engine rankings can increase visibility and attract more customers for businesses.

How can Cotactic’s SEO help you?

  • Improve your website’s authority and credibility. SEO helps you rank higher in Google search results, which makes your website seem more authoritative and credible to potential customers.
  • Increase brand visibility and awareness. When your website ranks higher in Google search results, more people will be able to see it, which can help to increase brand visibility and awareness.
  • Target specific keywords and demographics. SEO allows you to target specific keywords and demographics, which can help you to reach the right people with your message.

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Cotactic Media offers SEM services to help businesses create effective search engine advertising campaigns. These include creating ad copy, selecting keywords, and managing bids. By running effective SEM campaigns, businesses can drive more traffic to their website and increase sales.

How can Cotactic’s SEM help you?

  • Get immediate results. SEM campaigns can start delivering results within days, which can be helpful for businesses that need to generate leads or sales quickly.
  • Target specific keywords and demographics. SEM allows you to target specific keywords and demographics, which can help you to reach the right people with your message.
  • Measure and track your results. SEM campaigns can be easily measured and tracked, which allows you to see what is working and what is not, so you can optimize your campaigns accordingly.

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Cotactic Media offers influencer marketing services to help businesses reach new audiences through social media influencers. This includes identifying influencers who align with the business’s brand values, developing campaigns that resonate with the influencer’s audience, and measuring campaign success. By leveraging the power of social media influencers, businesses can reach new customers and build brand awareness.

How can Cotactic’s Influencer Marketing Services help you?

  • Reach a new audience. Influencer marketing can help you reach a new audience of potential customers who are interested in your products or services.
  • Build trust with potential customers. People are more likely to trust recommendations from influencers, so this can be a powerful way to build relationships with potential customers.
  • Create authentic and engaging content. Partner with influencers to create authentic, engaging content that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.

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Cotactic Media offers creative asset services to help businesses create engaging and resonant content for their target audience. This includes graphic design, video production, and copywriting. High-quality content that stands out from the competition can help businesses attract more customers and build brand loyalty.

How can Cotactic’s Creative Asset Services help you?

  • Stand out from the competition. High-quality visuals can set you apart from the competition and increase brand awareness.
  • Tell your brand story with compelling visuals. Visuals can help you connect with your target audience on an emotional level and make your brand more memorable.
  • Drive traffic and engagement. Specific visuals, such as images, videos, infographics, and charts, can be more effective than text at driving traffic and engagement to your website and social media pages.

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Cotactic Media offers Facebook advertising services to help businesses reach new audiences on the world’s largest social media platform. These services include creating ad copy, selecting target audiences, and managing ad spend. By running effective Facebook ad campaigns, businesses can drive more traffic to their websites and increase sales.

How can Cotactic’s Facebook Advertising Services help you?

  • Reach your target audience. Facebook advertising lets you reach the people most likely to be interested in your offer by targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Create compelling ad campaigns. Facebook advertising offers a variety of ad formats, such as images, videos, and slideshows. You can create ad campaigns that are tailored to your target audience and that will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Track and measure your results. Facebook advertising provides detailed insights into your campaign performance, so you can see what is working and what is not.

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Cotactic Media offers lead generation services to help businesses generate leads through various channels such as email marketing, social media advertising, and other valuable content. This includes developing lead magnets such as e-books, whitepapers, or other valuable content that provides value to potential customers in exchange for their contact information. By capturing leads, businesses can convert them into paying customers.

How can Cotactic’s Lead Generation Services help you?

  • Build a database of potential customers. Lead generation helps you to build a database of potential customers who are interested in your products or services.
  • Nurture your leads. Lead generation also allows you to nurture your leads through the sales funnel, helping you convert them into customers.
  • Improve your sales. Lead generation can help you to improve your sales by giving you a pool of qualified leads to work with.

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Cotactic Media’s Lead Combo – Facebook Lead Ads CRM Integration service helps manage leads, connects to Facebook and Google Forms, centralizes all data in one place, notifies you of incoming leads, and tracks sales performance in real time.

How can Cotactic’s Lead Combo help you?

  • Generate more leads. Lead Combo can be used with SEO, SEM, and Facebook advertising to help you generate more leads from a variety of sources.
  • Reach a wider audience. Lead Combo allows you to reach a wider audience than any one of these channels alone.
  • Get better results. Lead Combo is a more comprehensive lead generation solution that can help you achieve better results.

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Cotactic Media offers e-commerce marketing services to help businesses increase online sales. This includes optimizing product listings for search engines, creating effective product descriptions, and managing online advertising campaigns. By increasing online sales, businesses can grow their revenue and expand their customer base.

How can Cotactic’s E-commerce Marketing Services help you?

  • Increase traffic to your online store. E-commerce marketing can help you to increase traffic to your online store by running paid ads, and promoting your products or services on social media.
  • Increase brand awareness. E-commerce marketing can increase brand awareness by exposing potential customers to your brand and educating them about your products or services.
  • Boost sales. E-commerce marketing can help to boost sales by driving traffic to your online store, increasing brand awareness, and converting visitors into customers.



We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the world of digital marketing and how Cotactic Media can help your business succeed. From search engine optimization to influencer marketing, Cotactic offers a wide range of services designed to elevate your brand and achieve results. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to new heights with Cotactic. Visit our website today and start your digital marketing journey!

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