Graphic & Motion Designer (Internal Marketing Team)

Graphic Department

  • location icon Bangkok
  • time icon Full-Time
  • position icon 1 Position


  • Work Experience and Education
    • 1+ years of experience in graphic design
    • A bachelor’s degree in graphic design, or a related field
  • Technical Skill
    • Proficient with a wide range of graphic design software and tools, including Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, (Photoshop, Illustrator), and Canva for seamless collaboration and productivity.
    • Proficient with motion graphics software. (After Effect)
    • Proficient video editing tools on both mobile and desktop platforms. (Premiere Pro, Capcut)
    • Proficient of web design principles, responsive design, and user experience (UX) concepts.
    • Strong creativity, color theory, typography, layout, and composition skills
    • Strong portfolio showcasing design skills and ability to create visually appealing designs
    • Proven ability to conduct research on clients’ brands, competitors, and design trends to gather inspiration and design references.
  • Soft Skill
    • Strong conceptual thinking skills to translate client briefs into visually appealing and effective design solutions.
    • Ability to prepare presentations and communicate design concepts to supervisors and clients, aligning with brand objectives.
    • Effective teamwork and collaboration skills to work with cross-functional teams, supervisors, and stakeholders.
    • Good communication skills to present design ideas and creative assets to stakeholders in a clear and compelling manner.
    • Strong planning and organizing skills
    • Strong time management and project management skills
    • Ability to work well under pressure and handle multiple tasks


As a Graphic Designer, your responsibilities will include conducting research on the client’s brand and competitors to find design inspiration and references. You will be responsible for preparing presentations that effectively communicate and align with the client’s brand and objectives. Additionally, you will gather and organize the client’s brand assets, including logos, photos, and other creative materials, while setting up a design workspace in Figma or a related design program for improved efficiency. Your role will involve creating various graphic assets such as branding materials, corporate identity books, offline billboards, creative banners, wireframes, and responsive web or app designs. You will also provide support in creating ad creatives, including banners, album post designs, slideshow videos, and motion graphics, and prepare design creative assets slides for stakeholder presentations.




Research the client's brand, competitor and other design sources to find the design reference and inspiration. Prepare the presentation for the supervisor to communicate and align with the client's brand and objective.

Ensure the client's brand assets including Corporate Identity, Logo, Photos and other Creative Assets consistency. Upload those materials and set up a design workspace in Figma or a related design program for better efficiency.

Create graphic creative assets including branding and identity such as Corporate Identity Book, Offline Billboard, Creative Banner, etc. In charge of creating wireframes and responsive web or app design. Support on Ad creative on Banners, Album Post Design, Slideshow Video, Motion Graphics anything that related to creative services to clients. Prepare the design creative assets slide in order to present it to stakeholders.

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